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Internet Marketing NewsThere are great and many search engines on the internet, that's for sure. But, somehow, Google managed to beat them all and became the most famous and the most known of them search engines. All right, they deserved it: Google results are more accurate, and the first pages actually lead to the subject you have looked for (what doesn't always happen on most engine searches). Besides, Google has simple web pages that shows on the computer's screen real quickly and foolproof. Yes, Google became real fever for anyone with internet access - and now launching its own desktop search.

What does desktop search stand for? The application enables people to search between their files, e-mails, chats and internet history as fast as they can search on the web. Having prestige on the search engines, certainly Google's desktop search will break success between pc users. It is available for Windows XP and Windows 2000, and requires a minimum of 128MB of RAM, and a 400MHz Pentium Processor. For now, it's only available in English, but plans to availability in other languages are cooking up.

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