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Commission Junction - Affiliate Program Review
Monday, July 26, 2004 - 10:49

Affiliate Program Tests1.- All checked programs of Commission Junctions gives 10 times less of conversion ratio than similar programs outside Commission Junction. We have been investigating this matter and it has 2 possible reasons.

a.-Software structure for linking to Commission Junction from Partner Sites has several problems to do a proper work.
b.-Deliberate Cheat.

2.-During our test period no member of the Commission Junction's support team has reply to any doubt or question.
3.-Finally the Test Account was cancelled without further notice. Debts were not paid fully

Test data:

Period: 3 Months October 2001-December 2001
Tool: Authorized Text Links and banners
Traffic Sent: More than 100.000 clicks.
Number of Program tested: 10
Revenue: Less than 1$ per 1000 clicks (best result we got in
Agreement: Offends must of the Webmaster's Rights Declaration points.
Payment: They haven't paid with no excuse or justification
Rank: 1

Other opinions about Comission Junction:

  • Commission Junction owes me $97.68 (£64 approx.) on sales with They have twice promised payment and twice it has failed to arrive on the date they said it would. See Here

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